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Pregnancy Testing

We can help with all the necessary steps to find out if a woman is pregnant and what her options are if her test comes back positive. Our tests are 99.9% accurate, free of charge, and all results are kept confidential.


Agape offers free, limited ultrasound to determine gestational age, detect a fetal heartbeat and verify that the pregnancy is in the uterus. Ultrasounds are performed by one of Agape’s nurse sonographers or an RDMS and reviewed by a local Ob/Gyn.

Pregnancy Options Consultation

With many women, abortion seems like the best way out of a difficult situation.  Agape’s client advocates, coaches (for men), and nurses are trained to empower women and men to understand all their pregnancy options before making a final decision. 

For the Guys

Agape is not just for women. Couples can come into the center for free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. In the same visit, the father can sit down with a trained volunteer coach as part of our REALMen services.

Men receive straight-forward education to enable them to support their partner in the decision they make together. As the strongest, most supportive voice for their partner in the pregnancy decision, Agape gives men a solid understanding of their options and he and his partner can make the best choice.

Men are also provided support and encouragement throughout through consulting visits that may include manhood discussions, conflict resolution methods, communication techniques, and practical guidance for other relationship issues or concerns.

We also provide parenting support and training classes. When dads get involved right from the start in the lives of their kids, they affect their child’s health for a lifetime. Our Dr. Dad class is one-of-a-kind practical course that equips men to care for their pregnant partners and learn the basics of infant-toddler health, safety, and welfare. 


Agape’s offers numerous classes both onsite and online, for both women and men. These classes allow them to become prepared to parent, get the life skills they need to be successful, AND get everything they need for their baby at the same time.

Participants earn virtual money to purchase baby necessities from the wide array of brand-new items in our beautiful baby boutique. It’s a great incentive to encourage learning!

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